In One Year & Out The Other

One year ago today, I started an Instagram account to track my day-to-day fashion. I did it on a whim at the encouragement of a dear friend. I had no clear goals or expectations, just the vague idea that I wanted to show someone out there, possibly some modern day version of my younger self, that it was okay to dress (and be) different from everyone else as long as you had fun doing so.

Here are 6 of my favorite outfits from this past year. (Note that they literally all have patterned fabrics… what even are solid colors?)


This past year of blogging has had its ups and downs, but I’ve grown as a person, made some incredible friends, found some inspirational ladies online (some of whom are the aforementioned friends), gotten closer to some of my existing friends, taught my mother how to use a camera (thanks mom!), and felt more comfortable in my own skin (and the funky fabrics that cover it) than ever.

THANK YOU… to my friends and family who’ve shown their enthusiastic support towards me and this endeavor. I don’t know what I expected your reaction would be when I first revealed I was trying my hand at fashion blogging, but I could never in my grandest dreams have imagined it’d be so positive.

THANK YOU… to the friends I’ve made over the course of this year via Instagram, who have consistently engaged with my content and encouraged me with their words and double-taps. You ladies are such sweet, supportive, and genuine people and even if all I’d gotten out of this past year was you guys as friends, that’d be enough.

THANK YOU… to the many people in my life who have stepped up to take my photos for this blog; I truly cannot put into words how much it means to me that you have done this for me, a single time, a few dozen times, or every single day for months. Steph, Yin, Seabass, LeAnn, Kiran, Miwa, Jane, Ally, Joe, Janine, Tori, Angie, Mom, & Dad: thank you so very much. I’ll admit that I’ve never gotten myself 100% comfortable with the idea of taking time out of someone’s day to have them do something for me, but that you’ve sacrificed your precious time for this anyway means the world to me.

THANK YOU… to my followers who find my content worthy enough to appear on their feeds, especially given my erratic posting. It means a lot to me that you guys have stuck around.

THANK YOU… to my dog, Leo. He hasn’t done sh*t for this blog or my Instagram (besides pose for joint photos a few times), but I feel obligated to include him in this flood of gratitude anyway. 😉

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