Dressing Up An Oversized Tee

T-shirts go with jeans or denim shorts like fries go with ketchup, or ice cream with a cone. (I’m hungry, is anyone else hungry?) Especially now that grungy oversized graphic tees are in fashion, it’s easy to throw on the classic t-shirt + denim + sneaker combo without thinking twice.

Here’s an idea: think twice.


T-shirts in this style can be boxy and unflattering, especially on a feminine figure, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still look fabulous in them! Instead of veering towards the predictable, try branching off of the classic combo to create something that flatters you.

For this look, I knew that denim would look great with this lace-up tee, but instead of reaching for my denim cutoffs, I picked out this unconventional denim skirt. It still fits with the grungy vibe, but adds a feminine quality to the look that a normal pair of jeans might not have. By tucking the t-shirt in, I tried to break up its boxiness and complement my curves.



Furthermore, a pair of Adidas superstars or another white sneaker would be predictably wonderful with this outfit, but in the spirit of dressing up this look, I went with white heels instead. The resulting outfit might look eccentric, but it draws on the foundations of what is expected, which is something I encourage people experimenting with their style to do.



Lucky for you, my shirt, skirt, and shoes are currently in stock, so links are at the bottom of this post. I’ve also added some links to other pieces of unconventional denim to assist in your t-shirt styling adventures!


T-shirt: Missguided ($35), Skirt: Zara ($50), Heels: Topshop ($120), Clutch: Ipsy April 2017 bag, Earrings: StitchFix, Lipstick: Stila

Other funky denim skirts: 1, 2, 3, 4

(Photos by Jane)

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